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SMAHO App Features

Welcome to SMAHO!

Bringing device control to the cloud

SMAHO is the open, manufacturer-agnostic device control in the cloud.


Secure. Reliable. Expandable.


Developed in Germany.

Who wants to get up from the couch these days to turn on the light?


Either you have the mobile phone in your hand anyway, or if the few clicks take too long for you, you can use the voice assistant of your choice.

No more remote control clutter!


Control all your networked devices from anywhere in the world via app, voice control or time control.


The SMAHO platform

Control all your connected devices - anytime, anywhere!


App control

Control your devices easily with your smartphone from anywhere. The SMAHO app is available for Android on Google Play and iOS in the App Store.


Voice control

Thanks to the integration with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri, you can easily control all devices integrated into the SMAHO platform using your preferred voice assistant.


Time control

The same time every morning?
Or only on working days?
Automate recurring events by setting up schedules.


The SMAHO device control app

Security through encryption

The more devices are connected and can be remotely controlled, the more important it is to have reliable encryption that is easy to use at the same time. At SMAHO, all communication between smart devices, the cloud and our app is subject to end-to-end encryption based on the latest standards.

Multiple households

Whether at home, at work or in the holiday home - you can create an unlimited number of households and control them all from the same app!

Share with family and friends

Of course, all members of the household should benefit from the same smart control as the person who set up the devices - no problem with the intuitive functionality for sharing devices.

Automation through time schedules

Create as many time schedules as you want for recurring actions. For example, you can specify that all lights should go out at the same time in the evening, or that certain devices should only be switched off on weekends or only on weekdays. All time schedules can be configured via the SMAHO app.

Control from anywhere in the world

Your home would only be half as "smart" if you could only control it when you are connected to the same WiFi. That is why the SMAHO platform is designed from the beginning to be operable from anywhere in the world; the app (and your home) only needs access to the internet, then you can control all devices from anywhere!

Download the app now!

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As a manufacturer-agnostic meta platform, it is our goal to gradually control an increasing variety of devices ... but any company needs to start somewhere, so we chose a smart Wi-Fi plug.

Any device becomes smart and connected with the smart SMAHO Wi-Fi plug. Whether lights, fan heaters or the coffee machine. Minimalistic design, small form factor, no unnecessary blinking, and yet capable of handling up to 3800 watts. Universally applicable and controllable from anywhere. Have you tried it yet?

SMAHO Steckdose frontal
SMAHO Steckdose frontal
SMAHO Steckdose hinten

Thank you for your numerous orders!

Für Hersteller
SMAHO für Hersteller

Are you a device manufacturer or a brand?

We are happy to control your device as well!


The people behind SMAHO

Our founders


Gründer und CEO

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Founder and CEO

Tobias Schmidt


Gründer und CEO

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Max Köhler

Co-founder and CTO

SMAHO Support


Do you have problems setting up your device, using the app, or do you want to know how to connect to a voice assistant?

If you have a specific request, feel free to get in touch! We will reply as soon as possible to solve your problem!

What our customers say

"A German company [...] with German support in Germany.

All of this at a good price! ..."  Read on the german review.

"Installation worked effortlessly thanks to the stylishly designed, German-language app. The app leads you through the installation process step by step ..." Read on the german review. 

"I use the power plug [...] to preheat an espresso machine. [...]

Also works locally via WLAN. Great thing!" Continue reading. 

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on June 30, 2020

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on January 5, 2020

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on February 2, 2020

Munich Germany


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